About Us

FNQ Vending operates a vending machine business in Cairns and the Far North Queensland market place.

Growing from humble beginnings to a locally owned business that provides a one-stop-shop for the supply and servicing of our vending machines in the Cairns and FNQ. Our vending machines are sourced from local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers.

FNQ Vending is supported by our skilled vending people, with access to an extended technical team with extensive industry experience.

FNQ Vending ensures that there is something for everyone, from drinks, snacks, combo, and coffee vending through to fresh food and anything in between. FNQ Vending does servicing and stocking of its own vending machines; buys and sells vending machines; and maintains a healthy number of sited machines.

If your machine does have an issue, we have full technical support to respond to most issues, often before you know something may have gone wrong!

We are confident about our services we don't ask you to sign a long term contract. We ensure that you are happy with our service and grow our partnership through being the vending machine provider of choice.

FNQ Vending machines can be fitted with PayWave, and remote monitoring telemetry. So if a vending machine has a fault, needs to be restocked, or a product doesn't vend properly, the vending machine talks to us via the mobile wifi network. And that's how you can rectify issues - fast.