Vending Machines that can talk!

Vending Machines can be fitted with remote monitoring telemetry to enable communication via the mobile wifi network back to base to advise of a fault, product dispensing issue, or low stock levels. This enables faster response time to issues as they arise.

PayWave moving to 3G mobile network

The secure credit card system PayWave has been operating on 2G since its inception. As the 2G network will be switched off later this year, all PayWave units will need to be upgraded to the 3G network. It is expected to gather some traction in late October.

New $10 Note Available

Similar to the upgrades for the new $5 note. All note readers in vending machines will need to be upgraded to read the new $10 note now. The new $5 is being readily accepted by vending machines now, after a long changeover period.