How it works

How it works

We supply free vending machine(s) tailored for your workplace, cutting down on the time that employees spend outside of the office looking for a drink or a bite to eat.

By having a vending machine at your workplace that dispenses cold drinks, leading brand energy drinks, snacks, coffee or healthy products is a convenient time saving extra service for your staff as well as your customers.

You enjoy the benefits of a serviced vending machine at your workplace, without the worry or obligations!

We offer a vast and fantastic product range delivered via high quality modern vending machines.

If you are concerned about size or space being a problem. We have all size options available in vending machines from big to small. You provide the site/space and power to the machine, and we do the rest.

There are a number of different payment options, including Coin, Note, and PayWave.

We will restock, refill, maintain and service your vending machine at our expense. Our vending team will regularly ensure that your machine is fully stocked, cleaned and serviced.

We liaise with you to make sure that we provide the products that you choose. As tastes and seasons change, you may change the contents of your machine, at any time.

You may find the demand for a vending machine is greater than you might have initially thought, and a second machine may be required. This is not unusual as we have a number of sites currentlythatutilise two machines.

If you think a drink vending machine is right for your place of business, turn to FNQ Vending for a range of options available. FNQ Vending is able to provide and tailor a vending solution for your needs.

We provide an easy hassle free vending machine service.